2014 Student Video Challenge -- Undergrad Entries

The 2014 Student Video Challenge called for Scripps students to create short, engaging videos that clearly demonstrate why Scripps matters, and why they chose to attend Scripps. Below are all the video entries we received for the three undergraduate programs at Scripps: Earth Sciences Major; Marine Biology Major; & Marine Sciences Minor.

Voting instructions will be emailed to all Scripps students, so please check your inboxes! Watch the videos below, find your favorites, and then go vote! One winner will be chosen from each category, with each winner receiving $500.

Winners will be announced on Friday, May 30.

Graduate video submissions can be seen here: https://scripps.ucsd.edu/education/current/video2014/graduate

Good luck to all participants!


4. Earth Sciences Major

a. "Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Dare to Know" by Clifford Hoang


5. Marine Biology Major

a. "Why Scripps?" by Matthias Scheer


b. "Scripps Video Entry 2014" by Kelly Johansson and Kyle Sweasey


c. "Scripps Institution of Oceanography" by Isabella (Bella) Doohan


6. Marine Sciences Minor

No entries. Better luck next year!