Affiliate with a Center or Consortium: Engage with Faculty and Students

An electromagnetic receiver is deployed by the Scripps EM Laboratory.

An electromagnetic receiver is deployed by the Scripps EM Laboratory.

By affiliating with one of our focused research centers or joining an industry-sponsored consortium at Scripps, a corporation can benefit from direct access to the latest research and remain connected to campus year-round through special seminars, regular reports, presentations, and other opportunities for engagement and exchange of information.

Sponsors also play an important role through dialogue with researchers on current challenges faced by an industry or sector, and by supporting students and young investigators to undertake new projects that could lead to technological breakthroughs.  Few firms can invest large sums in basic research solely for the pursuit of pure knowledge, yet every knowledge-based industry depends on advances in science to sustain innovation.  When companies come together in support of interdisciplinary centers, pioneering programs, specialized laboratories, and multi-investigator initiatives and collaborations, the benefits to all members are multiplied.

While enjoying the earliest possible access to pivotal discoveries, experimental technologies, and know-how not likely to be found anywhere else, corporate sponsors are able to strategically fund pre-commercial research to overcome barriers to innovation and productivity that would otherwise be economically unfeasible, and scientifically overwhelming, for any single organization to attempt on its own. 

The research conducted by interdisciplinary teams of faculty, students, and talented staff, including instrument developers, computer programmers, geophysicists, medicinal chemists, marine microbiologists, and many other world-class scientists and engineers at the forefront of innovation.  The discoveries and methods that enable a deeper understanding of the environment also produce knowledge and technologies with ever-growing benefits for industry and society.  For this reason, leading companies across a broad spectrum of sectors are attracted to Scripps and regularly support fundamental research, or sponsor the development of experimental instruments, with the potential to create new proprietary technologies or transform an entire industry. 

Select Research Groups

Many other applied research laboratories, facilities, and programs have been established, and bring together Scripps faculty and students with collaborators at other institutions or in industry.  To learn more about research themes at Scripps, including specialized centers with unique expertise, please consult our regularly updated list of active research groups.   If you have not yet found what you are looking for in terms of expertise or field of interest or focus, we would appreciate an opportunity to understand your needs as it is always possible to embark on new collaborative endeavors to address problems of common concern.