Cost-Effective Innovation: Sponsor Research to Solve Complex Problems

Maintenance work on a Wave Glider aboard a Scripps vessel

Maintenance work on a Wave Glider aboard a Scripps vessel.

If you have not found a technology that meets your needs among our existing, ready-to-license innovations, consider collaborating on cutting-edge research and development-stage projects with world-class Scripps faculty.  Faculty, students, and staff welcome opportunities to draw on their expertise, deploy new instruments, and test promising materials and methods while responding to complex, real-world problems. 

Successful innovations tend to come about in settings that support creativity, encourage experimentation, and foster collaboration across disciplines.  Scripps has a remarkable record of interdisciplinary research leading to tangible technologies with diverse applications, including robust instruments for undersea exploration, high-precision sensors, potent chemical compounds from marine organisms, and sustainable methods for development of renewable resources from the sea.         

Sponsoring groundbreaking research at Scripps that is relevant to your concerns may offer an alternative approach to innovation.  Rather than starting from scratch or incurring high start-up costs for incremental improvements, your organization can immediately leverage the resources of our institution, which attracts over $150 million in annual funding for research. Whether addressing a problem of concern to an entire industry and generating knowledge of broad benefit to society, or pursuing specific research goals of immediate interest to a corporate sponsor, the solution must be sustainable by every standard: technical, environmental, and economic.

In an intensely competitive global economy that places increasing pressures on virtually all industries to innovate while reducing costs and enhancing the sustainability of products and services, Scripps is ready to collaborate with your organization to deliver innovative solutions that are sustainable in every sense.

As a first step toward initiating a collaboration, explore the breadth of expertise at Scripps by:

If you are in search of experts in a specific field, please do not hesitate to contact us.  A preliminary consultation about your project could be helpful in identifying members of our faculty whose research is aligned with your interests.  Please direct your inquiries to:

T. Guy Masters, Ph.D.
Deputy Director for Research

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