Industry Opportunities

Beakers of algae in a Scripps lab.

Beakers of algae used for biofuels research in a Scripps lab.

The Scripps Strategic Advantage: Groundbreaking Science and Real-World Innovation

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, at the University of California, San Diego (UC San Diego), is a leading interdisciplinary institution for marine, earth, and atmospheric sciences.  Research at Scripps is distinguished by its breadth and depth, encompassing physical, chemical, biological, geological and geophysical studies of the oceans, the Earth, and our solar system.  From developing techniques to detect the first seismic waves unleashed by major earthquakes to tracking the rise of CO2 on a planetary scale and forecasting increasingly extreme weather patterns, scientists at Scripps search for answers to the most pressing environmental questions and ecological challenges of our times.    

The discoveries and inventions emerging from research at Scripps provide several opportunities for collaboration.  We are above all open to opportunities that draw on the full potential of Scripps to engage in science and innovation for the benefit of humanity and in harmony with world we inhabit.  The epidemic of antibiotic-resistant infections in the midst of a productivity crisis in the pharmaceutical industry; the urgent need for environmentally and economically sustainable technologies to meet the growing global demand for energy, including irreplaceable hydrocarbons, while developing cleaner and renewable fuels; and the equally if not more daunting challenge of producing enough food and supplying sufficient drinking water to equitably provide these necessities of life to more than seven billion fellow human beings, and to do so without polluting our planet in the process.

These complex challenges threatening industrialized and impoverished nations alike, and constraining real economic growth and development, call for new forms of collaboration and something more than just incremental innovation.  Scripps is ready to respond to opportunities for collaboration to bring to life solutions that transcend today’s possibilities, realize the potential of science for social good, and reward entrepreneurial initiative, imagination, and ingenuity.

Pathways for Collaboration