International Collaborations

International relations are vital to the advancement of Scripps’ mission and daily efforts to better understand and protect the planet. Scripps basic research programs span the globe, and international partners play an important role in exploration and discovery of our ocean planet as well as in the creation of science-based solutions for global environmental challenges.

Scripps’ current international collaborations span over 40 countries and 90 institutions. These education and research partnerships catalyze innovation via the global circulation of people and ideas and facilitate the sharing and testing of new discoveries in a global context.

Collaborations & Agreements

International Relations personnel in the Scripps Director's Office are available to assist Scripps faculty interested in developing agreements between Scripps and universities and institutions abroad.

We provide guidelines that explain the agreement development process, templates that facilitate the drafting of an agreement, restricted party screening, and counsel to answer questions on the process.

We also work to ensure that agreements adhere to guidelines developed by the Scripps Contracts and Grants Office, Campus Counsel, Academic Affairs, Research Affairs and Graduate Studies.

International Visits to Scripps

Our office also facilitates international visits to Scripps, and works to prioritize short-term international visit requests so that the resources and support services provided by our administrators, faculty, and staff can be allocated to best serve the interests of Scripps, UC San Diego and the State of California.

In general, a prospective short-term international visitor is a representative of a university or institution abroad who requests to visit Scripps for the purpose of strengthening ties to our institution, most commonly through discussions of potential research and/or academic collaborations.  Such visitors are typically on campus from a few hours to a full day. The nature of a short-term visit is exploratory, and does not encompass official University business, such as appointments for visiting scholars or visiting faculty.

If you are interested in visiting Scripps, please complete the visitor request form below.

Visitor Request Form