Welcome to the new website for Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Submit Feedback

What’s New

You will notice a new look and many new elements, but the chief features of the new site are:

  • Responsive Design: This website is built to adjust its display for ideal viewing across all desktop and mobile platforms. Responsive design eliminates the need to create a separate mobile site for Scripps.

  • Discoverability: A combination of the powerful Solr search engine and robust tagging helps visitors find not only what they came to our site in search of, but related knowledge they may not have thought to look for, like previous publications, related news, and affiliated researchers and research topics.

  • Ease of updating: Every department now has the ability and responsibility to update and add to its own pages with easy-to-use new tools provided by the Drupal 7 platform underlying the site.

  • Profile pages for all academics and staff: These profiles tie into Blink, other campus data sources and Scripps Scholars.

  • Calendar:  The new site has a calendar system and upcoming events appear at the top right of most pages. There are several calendars that have already been created (e.g. seminars, thesis defenses; for a full list see event type on the calendar page). Each of these calendars has a calendar administrator(s) who can add events. A subset of calendars may be selected for display on any page with an upcoming events section. If there are calendars that are missing please let us know.  These calendars will gradually replace the existing weekly Scripps LOG email newsletter. Notices previously shared in the Scripps LOG that are not calendar items will now appear in the From the Porthole page within Scripps News.

Responding to your feedback

  • Research Topic listings: We have heard your concerns about how faculty and other researchers are displayed on the Research Topic pages and how they are tagged and have improved the mechanism.  We have also added two topics: "Sound and Light in the Sea" and "Waves and Circulation."  If you would like to submit new tags, please contact
  • Centers, Labs, and Programs has been migrated to a database that  allows sorting by choosing a term at the top of the page; terms include: centers, labs, programs, multidisciplinary, biology, physical oceanography, Earth sciences and geophysics, climate, etc.
  • Faculty listings by curricular areas will be added to the Education pages once some databasing work is completed.

What’s in the Works

We will continue to enhance and add on to the website for the foreseeable future. After we shake down the Drupal 7 setup for the main site, we will be able to use the same toolbox to create capable and easily updated sites for centers, labs, and programs, and business offices.

As you review the new site, a few common issues will become apparent, some of which we are already working to resolve. Others require some simple solutions we can point you to:

  • If your name is not appearing as you want it to appear you can change your nickname in the Blink directory. (Find yourself and click on the link to Request changes to the directory information above.) Your nickname will replace your first name, so for example to appear as “Mike” instead of “Michael”, set your nickname to “Mike.” 

  • Job titles: All academic titles are controlled vocabulary, which means that in order to maintain consistency for our audiences, they cannot be changed unless they are inaccurate. Staff titles can be changed; to change the appearance of yours, please contact your business office.

  • Student data: Based on results of a student survey, only name and email addresses of students will be publicly available on the new website. Additional information may be displayed on an "opt-in" basis; students will be contacted soon for their input. 

  • Note that profiles are drawing primarily on our new people database that is currently being populated, so there will be some people who initially don't show up and others that will show up with incorrect data until the database is fully populated and checked. 

  • The Pier Cam is sensitive to the URL of the page you view it on (to prevent it from being pirated).

  • Training sessions will be held every Friday in the Scripps Administration Building beginning on Friday 21 June from 10:00 am to noon on a first-come, first-served basis.  We will notify the Scripps community of these trainings, as well as of any gaps in training and when the trainings will no longer be offered.    

All feedback is going into a ticketing system and will be addressed, but due to workload any response might not be immediate. Thank you for your help in making this a great website.

The Research Section Explained

Please contact if you have updates, questions or comments about the Research section of the website, including all subpages.

  • The 16 research topics are intended to be entry points for users seeking information about a specific area of research, like earthquakes, climate change or polar research. These topics were proposed and vetted by Scripps leadership, and are meant to encompass the work underway at Scripps for non-scientist visitors to the web. Each topic has its own landing page with a brief description of the topic, and at this time two additional information feeds: 1. a feed of links of entries that have been tagged with this research topic sorted by date added to the website; this will include news stories, recent publications, recently funded proposals, research projects and related content and 2. a list of Scripps researchers who have been tagged with this topic. You can let us know if you are incorrectly tagged and are appearing (or are not appearing) under a topic that is relevant to your work. The content and format of these pages will evolve with feedback from you and from the public.  You can ensure a presence on these pages and on the website in general by generating new content.

  • "Recent publications" is self explanatory; if one of your recent pubs isn’t appearing, let us know. It generally takes up to two weeks for a publication to appear here after it has appeared in Web of Science.

  • "Centers, labs and programs" is an alpha listing of all Scripps centers, labs and programs websites that are maintained regularly and have been updated in the past year. If you have a lab, center or program that should be listed here, please let us know at

  • "Recently funded proposals" are gathered quarterly via the campus database. PI’s are contacted prior to posting to obtain their permission to post their proposal.

  • Featured video: this pulls from the Scripps YouTube channel, and in particular a playlist of videos featuring Scripps research. If you have an appropriate video that you would like featured here, please let us know at