Scripps Institution of Oceanography has over a century of scientific achievement and 80-plus years of instructional excellence.  Our body of alumni is nearing 2,000 members, spread throughout the globe and participating in a diverse range of careers.  From studying the Earth’s core to probing the far reaches of space, Scripps alumni continue the institution’s mission to seek, teach, and communicate scientific understanding of the oceans, atmosphere, Earth, and other planets for the benefit of society and the environment. 

In the News

Memorial Service: Remembering Betty Shor
Scripps Oceanography Friends Invited to Tribute for Scripps Historian and Author

Deep ocean coral Anthomastus, photographed at 500 meters (16,40 feet).

World Ocean Systems Undermined by Climate Change by 2100
Scientists warn against the high risk of degradation of marine ecosystems and associated human hardships

Scripps Researcher Wins Early Career Award from American Meteorological Society
Physical oceanographer Jennifer MacKinnon to receive Nicholas P. Fofonoff Award

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    With nearly 2,000 alumni across the globe, Scripps alumni have used their degrees as a springboard into dynamic careers ranging from professors to entrepreneurs to astronauts.  

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    The worth of an academic institution is measured not only by the reputation and body of work of its faculty and staff, but also in the caliber of its students and alumni.  Scripps has long drawn the best and brightest to its campus, and your support of the Scripps Alumni Fund will help to maintain that tradition.  Allow today’s students to follow in your footsteps; make a gift to the Scripps Alumni Fund.

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    Scripps alumni and current students are invited to get LINKED!  This private group provides on-line networking for Scripps alumni and students through postings focused on the recent accomplishments, research highlights and topics of interest.  Register today. 

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