Advancing Precambrian palaeomagnetism with the PALEOMAGIA and PINT(QPI) databases

TitleAdvancing Precambrian palaeomagnetism with the PALEOMAGIA and PINT(QPI) databases
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsVeikkolainen T.H, Biggin A.J, Pesonen L.J, Evans D.A, Jarboe N.A
JournalScientific Data
Date Published2017/05
Type of ArticleArticle; Data Paper
ISBN Number2052-4463
Accession NumberWOS:000401851900001
Keywordsbaltica; connection; ga; geomagnetic-field; hypothesis; large igneous province; laurentia; polar wander path; province; supercontinent; superior

State-of-the-art measurements of the direction and intensity of Earth's ancient magnetic field have made important contributions to our understanding of the geology and palaeogeography of Precambrian Earth. The PALEOMAGIA and PINT(QPI) databases provide thorough public collections of important palaeomagnetic data of this kind. They comprise more than 4,100 observations in total and have been essential in supporting our international collaborative efforts to understand Earth's magnetic history on a timescale far longer than that of the present Phanerozoic Eon. Here, we provide an overview of the technical structure and applications of both databases, paying particular attention to recent improvements and discoveries.

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