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Aerosol characteristics and particle production in the upper troposphere over the Amazon Basin

TitleAerosol characteristics and particle production in the upper troposphere over the Amazon Basin
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsAndreae M.O, Afchine A., Albrecht R., Holanda B.A, Artaxo P., Barbosa H.MJ, Borrmann S., Cecchini M.A, Costa A., Dollner M., Futterer D., Jarvinen E., Jurkat T., Klimach T., Konemann T., Knote C., Kramer M., Krisna T., Machado L.AT, Mertes S., Minikin A., Pohlker C., Pohlker M.L, Poschl U., Rosenfeld D, Sauer D., Schlager H., Schnaiter M., Schneider J., Schulz C., Spanu A., Sperling V.B, Voigt C., Walser A., Wang J., Weinzierl B., Wendisch M., Ziereis H.
JournalAtmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Date Published2018/01
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1680-7316
Accession NumberWOS:000423349900002
Keywordsbiomass; burning smoke; cloud condensation nuclei; Deep convection; dispersion model flexpart; in-situ measurements; long-range transport; marine boundary-layer; Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences; rain-forest; secondary organic aerosol; tropical upper; troposphere

Airborne observations over the Amazon Basin showed high aerosol particle concentrations in the upper troposphere (UT) between 8 and 15 km altitude, with number densities (normalized to standard temperature and pressure) often exceeding those in the planetary boundary layer (PBL) by 1 or 2 orders of magnitude. The measurements were made during the German-Brazilian cooperative aircraft campaign ACRIDICON-CHUVA, where ACRIDICON stands for "Aerosol, Cloud, Precipitation, and Radiation Interactions and Dynamics of Convective Cloud Systems" and CHUVA is the acronym for "Cloud Processes of the Main Precipitation Systems in Brazil: A Contribution to Cloud Resolving Modeling and to the GPM (global precipitation measurement)", on the German High Altitude and Long Range Research Aircraft (HALO). The campaign took place in September-October 2014, with the objective of studying tropical deep convective clouds over the Amazon rainforest and their interactions with atmospheric trace gases, aerosol particles, and atmospheric radiation.

Short TitleAtmos. Chem. Phys.
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