An assessment of the Atlantic and Arctic sea-air CO2 fluxes, 1990-2009

TitleAn assessment of the Atlantic and Arctic sea-air CO2 fluxes, 1990-2009
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSchuster U, McKinley GA, Bates N, Chevallier F, Doney SC, Fay AR, Gonzalez-Davila M, Gruber N, Jones S, Krijnen J, Landschutzer P, Lefevre N, Manizza M, Mathis J, Metzl N, Olsen A, Rios AF, Rodenbeck C, Santana-Casiano JM, Takahashi T, Wanninkhof R, Watson AJ
Date Published2013/01
ISBN Number1726-4170
Accession NumberWOS:000314173700039

The Atlantic and Arctic Oceans are critical components of the global carbon cycle. Here we quantify the net sea-air CO2 flux, for the first time, across different methodologies for consistent time and space scales for the Atlantic and Arctic basins. We present the long-term mean, seasonal cycle, interannual variability and trends in sea-air CO2 flux for the period 1990 to 2009, and assign an uncertainty to each. We use regional cuts from global observations and modeling products, specifically a pCO(2)-based CO2 flux climatology, flux estimates from the inversion of oceanic and atmospheric data, and results from six ocean biogeochemical models. Additionally, we use basin-wide flux estimates from surface ocean pCO(2) observations based on two distinct methodologies. Our estimate of the contemporary sea-air flux of CO2 (sum of anthropogenic and natural components) by the Atlantic between 40 degrees S and 79 degrees N is -0.49 +/- 0.05 Pg C yr(-1), and by the Arctic it is -0.!

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