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Capillary foams: Stabilization and functionalization of porous liquids and solids

TitleCapillary foams: Stabilization and functionalization of porous liquids and solids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsZhang Y., Allen M.C, Zhao R.Y, Deheyn DD, Behrens S.H, Meredith J.C
Date Published2015/03
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0743-7463
Accession NumberWOS:000350918500008
Keywordscolloidal particles; emulsions; interfaces; suspensions; water

Liquid foams are two-phase systems in which a large volume of gas is dispersed as bubbles in a continuous liquid phase. These foams are ubiquitous in nature. In addition, they are found in industrial applications, such as pharmaceutical formulation, food processing, wastewater treatment, construction, and cosmetics. Recently, we reported a new type of foam material, capillary foam, which is stabilized by the synergistic action of particles and a small amount of an immiscible secondary liquid. In this study, we explore in more detail the foam preparation routes. To illustrate some of the potential applications, we create vividly colored wet and dried foams, which are difficult to prepare using traditional methods, and load-bearing porous solids. The combined action of particles and immiscible secondary fluid confers exceptional stability to capillary foams and many options for functionalization, suggesting a wide range of possible applications.

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