Climate Impacts on zooplankton population dynamics in coastal marine ecosystems

TitleClimate Impacts on zooplankton population dynamics in coastal marine ecosystems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBatchelder H.P, Daly K.L, Davis C.S, Ji R.B, Ohman MD, Peterson W.T, Runge J.A
Date Published2013/12
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1042-8275
Accession NumberWOS:000332749800006
Keywordscod gadus-morhua; cross-shelf distribution; georges bank region; juvenile pink salmon; long-term changes; northern california current; prince-william-sound; size-selective mortality; video plankton recorder; western antarctic peninsula

The 20-year US GLOBEC (Global Ocean Ecosystem Dynamics) program examined zooplankton populations and their predators in four coastal marine ecosystems. Program scientists learned that environmental controls on zooplankton vital rates, especially the timing and magnitude of reproduction, growth, life-cycle progression, and mortality, determine species population dynamics, seasonal and spatial distributions, and abundances. Improved knowledge of spatial-temporal abundance and distribution of individual zooplankton taxa coupled with new information linking higher trophic level predators (salmon, cod, haddock, penguins, seals) to their prey yielded mechanistic descriptions of how climate variation impacts regionally important marine resources. Coupled ecological models driven by improved regional-scale climate scenario models developed during GLOBEC enable forecasts of plausible future conditions in coastal ecosystems, and will aid and inform decision makers and communities as they assess, respond, and adapt to the effects of environmental change. Multi-region synthesis revealed that conditions in winter, before upwelling, or seasonal stratification, or ice melt (depending on region) had significant and important effects that primed the systems for greater zooplankton population abundance and productivity the following spring-summer, with effects that propagated to higher trophic levels.

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