Deep-sea low-light radiometer system

TitleDeep-sea low-light radiometer system
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsHaag JM, Roberts PLD, Papen GC, Jaffe JS, Li L, Stramski D
JournalOptics ExpressOptics Express
Date Published2014/12
KeywordsLow light level; oceanic optics; Optical sensing and sensors; Optical systems; Radiometry

Two single-waveband low-light radiometers were developed to characterize properties of the underwater light field relevant to biological camouflage at mesopelagic ocean depths. Phenomena of interest were vertical changes in downward irradiance of ambient light at wavelengths near 470 nm and 560 nm, and flashes from bioluminescent organisms. Depth profiles were acquired at multiple deep stations in different geographic regions. Results indicate significant irradiance magnitudes at 560 nm, providing direct evidence of energy transfer as described by Raman scattering. Analysis of a night profile yielded multiple examples of bioluminescent flashes. The selection of high-sensitivity, high-speed silicon photomultipliers as detectors enabled measurement of spectrally-resolved irradiance to greater than 400 m depth.

Short TitleOpt. ExpressOpt. Express
Alternate JournalOpt. Express
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