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Deep SOLO: A full-depth profiling float for the Argo Program

TitleDeep SOLO: A full-depth profiling float for the Argo Program
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRoemmich D., Sherman J.T, Davis R.E, Grindley K., McClune M., Parker C.J, Black D.N, Zilberman N., Purkey S.G, Sutton P.JH, Gilson J.
Date Published2019/10
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0739-0572
Accession NumberWOS:000489122800001
Keywordscirculation; Engineering; In situ oceanic observations; Meteorology & Atmospheric Sciences; ocean; Ocean circulation; oceanic; pacific; Profilers

Deployment of Deep Argo regional pilot arrays is underway as a step toward a global array of 1250 surface-to-bottom profiling floats embedded in the upper-ocean (2000 m) Argo Program. Of the 80 active Deep Argo floats as of July 2019, 55 are Deep Sounding Oceanographic Lagrangian Observer (SOLO) 6000-m instruments, and the rest are composed of three additional models profiling to either 4000 or 6000 m. Early success of the Deep SOLO is owed partly to its evolution from the Core Argo SOLO-II. Here, Deep SOLO design choices are described, including the spherical glass pressure housing, the hydraulics system, and the passive bottom detection system. Operation of Deep SOLO is flexible, with the mission parameters being adjustable from shore via Iridium communications. Long lifetime is a key element in sustaining a global array, and Deep SOLO combines a long battery life of over 200 cycles to 6000 m with robust operation and a low failure rate. The scientific value of Deep SOLO is illustrated, including examples of its ability (i) to observe large-scale spatial and temporal variability in deep ocean temperature and salinity, (ii) to sample newly formed water masses year-round and within a few meters of the sea floor, and (iii) to explore the poorly known abyssal velocity field and deep circulation of the World Ocean. Deep SOLO's full-depth range and its potential for global coverage are critical attributes for complementing the Core Argo Program and achieving these objectives.

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