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Embracing complexity and complexity-awareness in marine megafauna conservation and research

TitleEmbracing complexity and complexity-awareness in marine megafauna conservation and research
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLewison R.L, Johnson A.F, Verutes G.M
JournalFrontiers in Marine Science
Date Published2018/06
Type of ArticleArticle
Accession NumberWOS:000457163400001
Keywordsacoustic pingers; anthropogenic disturbance; bycatch; Complexity; complexity-awareness; devices; dynamic ocean management; ecological-systems; ecosystem-based management; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; Fisheries management; mammal bycatch; Marine & Freshwater Biology; megafauna; reduce bycatch; seabird bycatch; small-scale fisheries; turtle excluder

Conservation of marine megafauna is nested within an intricate tapestry of multiple ocean resource uses which are, in turn, embedded in a dynamic and complex ecological ocean system that varies and shifts across a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Marine megafauna conservation is often further complicated by contemporaneous, and sometimes competing, social, economic, and ecological factors and related management objectives. Advances in emerging technologies and applications, such as remotely-sensed oceanographic data, animal-based telemetry, novel computational analyses, innovations in structured decision making, and stakeholder engagement and policy are supporting complex systems and complexity-aware approaches to megafauna conservation and research. Here we discuss several applications that focus on megafauna fisheries bycatch and exemplify how complex systems and complexity-aware approaches that inherently acknowledge and account for the complexity of ocean systems can advance megafauna conservation and research. Emerging technologies, applications and approaches that embrace, rather than ignore, complexity can drive innovation and success in megafauna conservation and research.

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