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Genetic structure of the beaked whale genus Berardius in the North Pacific, with genetic evidence for a new species

TitleGenetic structure of the beaked whale genus Berardius in the North Pacific, with genetic evidence for a new species
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsMorin PA, Baker C.S, Brewer R.S, Burdin A.M, Dalebout M.L, Dines J.P, Fedutin I., Filatova O., Hoyt E., Jung J.L, Lauf M., Potter C.W, Richard G., Ridgway M., Robertson KM, Wade P.R
JournalMarine Mammal Science
Date Published2017/01
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0824-0469
Accession NumberWOS:000391037300004
KeywordsArnoux's beaked whale; Baird's beaked whale; Cetacea; cetacean; diversity; DNA; identification; japan; Mitochondrial; molecular taxonomy; ocean; phylogenetics; pilot whales; population structure; Ziphiidae

There are two recognized species in the genus Berardius, Baird's and Arnoux's beaked whales. In Japan, whalers have traditionally recognized two forms of Baird's beaked whales, the common slate-gray form and a smaller, rare black form. Previous comparison of mtDNA control region sequences from three black specimens to gray specimens around Japan indicated that the two forms comprise different stocks and potentially different species. We have expanded sampling to include control region haplotypes of 178 Baird's beaked whales from across their range in the North Pacific. We identified five additional specimens of the black form from the Aleutian Islands and Bering Sea, for a total of eight black specimens. The divergence between mtDNA haplotypes of the black and gray forms of Baird's beaked whale was greater than their divergence from the congeneric Arnoux's beaked whale found in the Southern Ocean, and similar to that observed among other congeneric beaked whale species. Taken together, genetic evidence from specimens in Japan and across the North Pacific, combined with evidence of smaller adult body size, indicate presence of an unnamed species of Berardius in the North Pacific.

Short TitleMar. Mamm. Sci.
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