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Global perspectives on observing ocean boundary current systems

TitleGlobal perspectives on observing ocean boundary current systems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsTodd R.E, Chavez F.P, Clayton S., Cravatte S., Goes M., Greco M., Ling X.P, Sprintall J, Zilberman N.V, Archer M., Aristegui J., Balmaseda M., Bane J.M, Baringer M.O, Barth J.A, Beal L.M, Brandt P., Calil P.HR, Campos E., Centurioni LR, Chidichimo M.P, Cirano M., Cronin MF, Curchitser E.N, Davis R.E, Dengler M., Deyoung B., Dong S.F, Escribano R., Fassbender A.J, Fawcett S.E, Feng M, Goni G.J, Gray A.R, Gutierrez D., Hebert D., Hummels R., Ito S., Krug M., Lacan F., Laurindo L., Lazar A., Lee CM, Lengaigne M., Levine N.M, Middleton J., Montes I., Muglia M., Nagai T., Palevsky H.I, Palter J.B, Phillips H.E, Piola A., Plueddemann A.J, Qiu B., Rodrigues R.R, Roughan M., Rudnick D.L, Rykaczewski R.R, Saraceno M., Seim H., A. Gupta S, Shannon L., Sloyan BM, Sutton A.J, Thompson L., van der Plas A.K, Volkov D., Wilkin J., Zhang D.X, Zhang L.L
Date Published2019/08
Type of ArticleReview
Accession NumberWOS:000479256700001
Keywordsautonomous underwater gliders; california current system; current transport; drifters; east australian current; eastern boundary current systems; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; florida current transport; frequency internal waves; Humboldt Current; Marine & Freshwater Biology; meridional; moorings; north-atlantic ocean; ocean observing systems; overturning circulation; Remote sensing; sea-surface temperature; subtropical mode water; system; Time series; variability; western boundary current systems

Ocean boundary current systems are key components of the climate system, are home to highly productive ecosystems, and have numerous societal impacts. Establishment of a global network of boundary current observing systems is a critical part of ongoing development of the Global Ocean Observing System. The characteristics of boundary current systems are reviewed, focusing on scientific and societal motivations for sustained observing. Techniques currently used to observe boundary current systems are reviewed, followed by a census of the current state of boundary current observing systems globally. The next steps in the development of boundary current observing systems are considered, leading to several specific recommendations.

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