Immunolocalization of Proteins in Corals: the V-type H+-ATPase Proton Pump

TitleImmunolocalization of Proteins in Corals: the V-type H+-ATPase Proton Pump
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsBarott K., Tresguerres M
Date Published2015/09
Type of ArticleJournal article
KeywordsImmunostaining Fluorescence

Here we describe the immunolocalization of a membrane-bound proton pump, the V-type H+-ATPase (VHA), in tissues and isolated cells of scleractinian corals. Immunolocalization of coral proteins requires additional steps not required for various model organisms, such as decalcification of the coral skeleton for immunohistochemistry or removal of cells away from the skeleton for immunocytochemistry. The tissue and cell preparation techniques described here can be adapted for localization of other coral proteins, provided the appropriate validation steps have been taken for the primary antibodies and species of coral used. These techniques are important for improving our understanding of coral cell physiology

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