An Introduction to Social Media for Scientists

TitleAn Introduction to Social Media for Scientists
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBik HM, Goldstein MC
JournalPlos Biology
Date Published2013/04
Type of ArticleEditorial Material
ISBN Number1545-7885
Accession NumberWOS:000318687800013
Keywordsscience communication

In many ways, the fast-paced evolution of the internet parallels the move toward ‘‘big data’’ in science. In less than a decade, online tools have exploded in popularity and witnessed rapid expansion (Figure 1), with an increasing number of scientists now looking to take advantage of these web-based resources (see Box 1 and Table 1 for an overview and comparison of existing tools). Social media portals in particular undergo regular reinvention and transformation, with different tools becoming popular for different populations [1]. Although a number of guides exist online, many researchers still feel overwhelmed and hesitant toward the virtual world, lacking sufficient information and guidance through formal scientific channels such as peer-reviewed journals. To better familiarize researchers with existing internet resources, here we discuss prospective benefits that can stem from online science conversations, explain how scientists can efficiently and effectively harness online resources, and provide an overview of popular online tools.

Short TitlePLoS. Biol.