Multiannual top-down estimate of HFC-23 emissions in East Asia

TitleMultiannual top-down estimate of HFC-23 emissions in East Asia
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsFang X., Stohl A., Yokouchi Y., Kim J., Li S., Saito T., Park S., Hu J.
JournalEnvironmental Science & Technology
Date Published2015/04
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0013-936X
Accession NumberWOS:000352659000041
Keywordschf3; china; dispersion model flexpart; global emissions; hfcs

Trifluoromethane (CHF3, HFC-23), with a 100-year global warming potential (GWP) of 12400, is regulated under the Kyoto Protocol. HFC-23 emissions in East Asia, especially in China, are currently thought to represent the majority of global HFC-23 emissions. This study provides both a bottom-up emission inventory and the multiannual top-down estimate of HFC-23 emissions in East Asia during 2007-2012. The new bottom-up inventory yields improved simulated HFC-23 mixing ratios compared to previous bottom-up inventories. The top-down estimate uses inverse modeling to further improve the model-measurement agreement. Results show that China contributed 94-98% of all HFC-23 emissions in East Asia. Annual a posteriori emissions from China were around 6.3 Gg/yr during the period 2007-2010 after which they increased to 7.1 +/- 0.7 Gg/yr in 2011 and 8.8 +/- 0.8 Gg/yr in 2012. For the first time, this study also provides a top-down estimate of HFC-23/HCFC-22 (chlorodifluoromethane, CHClF2) coproduction ratios in non-CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) HCFC-22 production plants as well as in all HCFC-22 production plants in China.

Short TitleEnviron. Sci. Technol.
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