An overview of underwater time-reversal communication

TitleAn overview of underwater time-reversal communication
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSong HC
JournalIeee Journal of Oceanic Engineering
Date Published2016/07
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0364-9059
Accession NumberWOS:000384841800013
Keywordsacoustic communications l; adaptive equalization; Adaptive multichannel equalization; communication; crosstalk; decision-feedback equalizer; interference cancellation; MIMO/multiuser; multiuser communications; passive-phase-conjugation; performance analysis; retrofocusing techniques; shallow-water; synthetic-aperture communications; time reversal (TR); underwater acoustic (UWA)

Time reversal (TR) exploits spatial diversity to achieve spatial and temporal focusing in complex environments. Over the last decade, the TR concept has been applied successfully to phase-coherent acoustic communications in time-varying multipath ocean environments, as an alternative to conventional adaptive multichannel equalization. Temporal focusing ( pulse compression) mitigates the intersymbol interference (ISI) and subsequent single-channel equalization removes the residual ISI, thus providing nearly optimal performance in theory. The spatial focusing capability facilitates multiuser or multiple-input-multiple- output ( MIMO) communications without explicit use of time, frequency, or code division multiplexing, while an adaptive TR approach can reduce further the crosstalk among users or multiple transmitters. TR communications can be extended easily to time-varying channels using a block-based approach with channel updates. This paper provides an overview of TR communications in both shallow and deep water and recent advances including bidirectional equalization, multiuser communications with mobile users, and communication with a glider serving as a mobile gateway.

Short TitleIEEE J. Ocean. Eng.
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