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Parasitic copepods (Crustacea, Hexanauplia) on fishes from the lagoon flats of Palmyra Atoll, Central Pacific

TitleParasitic copepods (Crustacea, Hexanauplia) on fishes from the lagoon flats of Palmyra Atoll, Central Pacific
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsSoler-Jimenez L.C, Morales-Serna F.N, Aguirre-Macedo M.L, McLaughlin J.P, Jaramillo A.G, Shaw J.C, James A.K, Hechinger R.F, Kuris A.M, Lafferty K.D, Vidal-Martinez V.M
Date Published2019/03
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1313-2989
Accession NumberWOS:000462457600001
Keywordsaquaculture; Atoll; australian; caligidae; fish; fishes; genus; geographical isolation; hatschekiidae; indo-pacific; islands; lepeophtheirus copepoda; marine fishes; Parasitic copepods; revision; sea lice copepoda; siphonostomatoida; zoology

We surveyed copepods parasitic on the fishes at Palmyra, a remote atoll in the Central Indo-Pacific faunal region. In total, we collected 849 individual fish, representing 44 species, from the intertidal lagoon flats at Palmyra and recovered 17 parasitic copepod species. The parasitic copepods were: Orbitacolax williamsi on Mulloidichthys flavolineatus; Anuretes serratus on Acanthurus xanthopterus; Caligus confusus on Carangoides ferdau, Carangoides orthogrammus, Caranx ignobilis, Caranx melampygus, and Caranx papuensis; Caligus kapuhili on Chaetodon auriga and Chaetodon lunula; Caligus laticaudus on Rhinecanthus aculeatus, Pseudobalistes flavimarginatus, M. flavolineatus, Upeneus taeniopterus, Chrysiptera glauca, and Epinephalus merra; Caligus mutabilis on Lutjanus fulvus and Lutjanus monostigma; Caligus randalli on C. ignobilis; Caligus sp. on L. fulvus; Caritus serratus on Chanos chanos; Lepeophtheirus lewisi on A. xanthopterus; Lepeophtheirus uluus on C. ignobilis; Dissonus similis on Arothron hispidus; Nemesis sp. on Carcharhinus melanopterus; Hatschekia longiabdominalis on A. hispidus; Hatschekia bicaudata on Chaetodon auriga and Chaetodon lunula; Kroyeria longicauda on C. melanopterus and Lernanthropus sp. on Kyphosus cinerascens. All copepod species reported here have been previously reported from the Indo-Pacific but represent new geographical records for Palmyra, demonstrating large-scale parasite dispersion strategies.

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