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A patent review of two fruitful decades (1997-2016) of Isocoumarin research

TitleA patent review of two fruitful decades (1997-2016) of Isocoumarin research
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsHussain H., Green I.R
Date Published2017/10
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1354-3776
Accession NumberWOS:000413969600006
Keywordsanti-diabetic; Anti-inflammatory; antibacterial; anticancer; bacillus-subtilis; bacterium; bioactive isocoumarins; derivatives; dihydroisocoumarins; endophytic fungus; fungicidal; glucosides; identification; Isocoumarins; sea; Secondary metabolites

Introduction: Isocoumarins comprise a six-membered oxygen heterocycle (-pyranone) along with one aromatic ring and are known to possess interesting biological properties. During the last two decade (1997-2016), isocoumarin chemistry has attracted attention due to its biological and pharmaceutical effects viz., anticancer, anti-diabetic, antibacterial, antimalarial, and fungicidal effects. Areas covered: This review covers the patents on the therapeutic activities of natural and synthetic isocoumarins over the last two decades (1997-2016). Moreover a number of international patents related to natural and synthetic isocoumarins along with their biological effects will be presented and discussed. Although a large number of patents have been published during the period of the review, the aim of this review is to focus on those important patents specifically related to microbial diseases, cancer, malaria, and diabetes. Expert opinion: Isocoumarin and its synthetic analogs display a wide range of important pharmaceutical properties. Furthermore, isocoumarins have the potential to conjugate with other anticancer drugs which will synergistically increase the delivery and thus anticancer effects. Moreover, in order to get lead compounds, scientists should focus on the synthesis of halo and functionalized heterocyclic ring containing derivatives of isocoumarins as more potent drugs.

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