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Prioritizing mangrove conservation across Mexico to facilitate 2020 NDC ambition

TitlePrioritizing mangrove conservation across Mexico to facilitate 2020 NDC ambition
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2020
AuthorsKumagai J.A, Costa M.T, Ezcurra E., Aburto-Oropeza O
Date Published2020/04
Type of ArticleArticle; Early Access
ISBN Number0044-7447
Accession NumberWOS:000525475100001
Keywordsblue carbon; carbon sequestration; carbon stocks; conservation; conversion; deforestation; drivers; dynamics; Ecosystem services; emissions; Engineering; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; forests; mangroves; mexico; sequestration; shrimp aquaculture; social cost

There is a scale mismatch between mangrove conservation and carbon emission mitigation policies despite mangroves contributing disproportionally to global carbon sequestration. Using Mexico as a case study in the integration of these scales, we estimate mangrove carbon value and deforestation rates at the municipio (local government) scale and develop a prioritization model that indicates where to focus conservation efforts. By using previously published global models of carbon stocks, Mexico-specific carbon sequestration data, and calculating gross deforestation, we found that the current rate of deforestation will result in a social cost of 392.0 (+/- 7.4) million US$ over the next 25 years. The prioritization model identified 26 municipios of 175, where if all mangroves are conserved, 50% of this cost could be avoided. Bridging the gap between research and governmental action using local initiatives will be paramount for the effective management of mangrove carbon.

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