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Remotely sensed winds and wind stresses for marine forecasting and ocean modeling

TitleRemotely sensed winds and wind stresses for marine forecasting and ocean modeling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBourassa MA, Meissner T., Cerovecki I, Chang P.S, Dong X.L, De Chiara G., Donlon C., Dukhovskoy D.S, Elya J., Fore A., Fewings M.R, Foster R.C, Gille ST, Haus B.K, Hristova-Veleva S., Holbach H.M, Jelenak Z., Knaff J.A, Kranz S.A, Manaster A., Mazloff M., Mears C., Mouche A., Portabella M., Reul N., Ricciardulli L., Rodriguez E., Sampson C., Solis D., Stoffelen A., Stukel M.R, Stiles B., Weissman D., Wentz F.
Date Published2019/08
Type of ArticleReview
Accession NumberWOS:000482486600001
KeywordsEnvironmental Sciences & Ecology; Marine & Freshwater Biology; microwave imager; ocean; quality-control; requirements; roll vortices; satellite; scatterometer; scatterometer winds; sea-surface temperature; soil-moisture; stress; synthetic-aperture radar; tropical cyclone; vector winds; wind; winds

Strengths and weakness of remotely sensed winds are discussed, along with the current capabilities for remotely sensing winds and stress. Future missions are briefly mentioned. The observational needs for a wide range of wind and stress applications are provided. These needs strongly support a short list of desired capabilities of future missions and constellations.

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