Report of Myctophum phengodes (Teleostei: Myctophidae) with Extraneous Photophores

TitleReport of Myctophum phengodes (Teleostei: Myctophidae) with Extraneous Photophores
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsKlepadlo C., Rochman C.M, Davison P.
Date Published2014/03
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0045-8511
Accession NumberWOS:000337265700013

A unique specimen of Myctophum phengodes (family Myctophidae) from the South Atlantic is reported with three extraneous primary photophores along one side of the dorsal profile; all usual photophore series for this species are present. The supracaudal gland is encircled by a silvery band instead of a simple black band, a condition not observed in other species of Myctophum examined. Photophore patterns of myctophids are the primary method of determining species identification. Other myctophids have been found with small positional variations for a single photophore (usually only one side of the body), but are readily identifiable to species. While one specimen with extraneous photophores widely separated from and not part of typical series is not considered taxonomically significant, it is important to determine if this is a single abnormal individual or a unique population identifier.

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