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The role of stakeholders in creating societal value from coastal and ocean observations

TitleThe role of stakeholders in creating societal value from coastal and ocean observations
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsMackenzie B., Celliers L., Assad L.PD, Heymans J.J, Rome N., Thomas J., Anderson C., Behrens J., Calverley M., Desai K., DiGiacomo P.M, Djavidnia S., F. Santos dos, Eparkhina D., Ferrari J., Hanly C., Houtman B., Jeans G., Landau L., Larkin K., Legler D., Le Traon P.Y, Lindstrom E., Loosley D., Nolan G., Petihakis G., Pellegrini J., Roberts Z., Siddorn J.R, Smail E., Sousa-Pinto I., Terrill E
Date Published2019/05
Type of ArticleArticle
Accession NumberWOS:000467017100001
Keywordsbenefits; case studies; climate information; coproduction; earth observation; Environmental Sciences & Ecology; knowledge; Marine & Freshwater Biology; ocean observing systems; opportunities; Policy; science; SDG14; services; societal; stakeholder engagement; system; usability

The importance of stakeholder engagement in ocean observation and in particular the realization of economic and societal benefits is discussed, introducing a number of overarching principles such as the convergence on common goals, effective communication, co-production of information and knowledge and the need for innovation. A series of case studies examine the role of coordinating frameworks such as the United States' Interagency Ocean Observing System (IOOS (R)), and the European Ocean Observing System (EGOS), public-private partnerships such as Project Azul and the Coastal Data Information Program (CDIP) and finally the role of the "third" or voluntary sector. The paper explores the value that stakeholder engagement can bring as well as making recommendations for the future.

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