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The role of submesoscale currents in structuring marine ecosystems

TitleThe role of submesoscale currents in structuring marine ecosystems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsLevy M., Franks PJS, Smith K.S
JournalNature Communications
Date Published2018/11
Type of ArticleReview
ISBN Number2041-1723
Accession NumberWOS:000449763100014
Keywordsbiogeochemical reactions; california current system; diel vertical migration; frontal zone; gyre; mesoscale circulation; mixed-layer instabilities; north-atlantic; ocean; pacific subtropical; phytoplankton community structure; Science & Technology - Other Topics; spatial variability

From microbes to large predators, there is increasing evidence that marine life is shaped by short-lived submesoscales currents that are difficult to observe, model, and explain theoretically. Whether and how these intense three-dimensional currents structure the productivity and diversity of marine ecosystems is a subject of active debate. Our synthesis of observations and models suggests that the shallow penetration of submesoscale vertical currents might limit their impact on productivity, though ecological interactions at the submesoscale may be important in structuring oceanic biodiversity.

Short TitleNat. Commun.
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