Searching for hidden earthquakes in Southern California

TitleSearching for hidden earthquakes in Southern California
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsRoss Z.E, Trugman D.T, Hauksson E., Shearer PM
Date Published2019/05
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0036-8075
Accession NumberWOS:000469296000041
Keywordsaftershocks driven; fault structure; landers; magnitude; mayor-cucapah earthquake; Science & Technology - Other Topics; seismicity; swarm; united-states; valley

Earthquakes follow a well-known power-law size relation, with smaller events occurring much more often than larger events. Earthquake catalogs are thus dominated by small earthquakes yet are still missing a much larger number of even smaller events because of signal fidelity issues. To overcome these limitations, we applied a template-matching detection technique to the entire waveform archive of the regional seismic network in Southern California. This effort resulted in a catalog with 1.81 million earthquakes, a 10-fold increase, which provides important insights into the geometry of fault zones at depth, foreshock behavior and nucleation processes, and earthquake-triggering mechanisms. The rich detail resolved in this type of catalog will facilitate the next generation of analyses of earthquakes and faults.

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