Tools for the Microbiome: Nano and Beyond

TitleTools for the Microbiome: Nano and Beyond
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsBiteen J.S, Blainey P.C, Cardon Z.G, Chun M.Y, Church G.M, Dorrestein PC, Fraser S.E, Gilbert J.A, Jansson J.K, Knight R., Miller J.F, Ozcan A., Prather KA, Quake S.R, Ruby E.G, Silver P.A, Taha S., van den Engh G., Weiss P.S, Wong G.CL, Wright A.T, Young T.D
JournalAcs Nano
Date Published2016/01
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number1936-0851
Accession NumberWOS:000369115800002
Keywordsairborne bacterial communities; atmospheric ice nuclei; Biofilms; human gut microbiome; imaging mass-spectrometry; pseudomonas-aeruginosa; scanning-tunneling-microscopy; sea spray aerosol; self-assembled monolayers; single-cell genomics; squid-vibrio; symbiosis

The microbiome presents great opportunities for understanding and improving the world around us and elucidating the interactions that compose it. The microbiome also poses tremendous challenges for mapping and manipulating the entangled networks of interactions among myriad diverse organisms. Here, we describe the opportunities, technical needs, and potential approaches to address these challenges, based on recent and upcoming advances in measurement and control at the nanoscale and beyond. These technical needs will provide the basis for advancing the largely descriptive studies of the microbiome to the theoretical and mechanistic understandings that will underpin the discipline of microbiome engineering. We anticipate that the new tools and methods developed will also be more broadly useful in environmental monitoring, medicine, forensics, and other areas.

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