Transarctic acoustic telemetry (L)

TitleTransarctic acoustic telemetry (L)
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSong HC, Mikhalevsky P.N, Baggeroer A.B
JournalJournal of the Acoustical Society of America
Date Published2014/10
Type of ArticleArticle
ISBN Number0001-4966
Accession NumberWOS:000345977400017
Keywordscommunication; ocean

On April 9 and 13, 1999, two Arctic Climate Observation Using Underwater Sound tomography signals were transmitted from a 20.5-Hz acoustic source moored at the Franz Victoria Strait to an eight-element, 525-m vertical array at ice camp APLIS in the Chukchi Sea at a distance of similar to 2720 km. The transmitted signal was a 20-min long, 255-digit m-sequence that can be treated as a binary-phase shift-keying communication signal with a data rate of 2 bits/s. The almost error-free performance using either spatial diversity (three elements) for a single transmission or temporal diversity (two transmissions) with a single element demonstrates the feasibility of ice-covered trans-Arctic acoustic communications. (C) 2014 Acoustical Society of America.

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