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Trends and connections across the Antarctic cryosphere

TitleTrends and connections across the Antarctic cryosphere
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsShepherd A., Fricker H.A, Farrell S.L
Date Published2018/06
Type of ArticleReview
ISBN Number0028-0836
Accession NumberWOS:000435071400042
Keywordsantarctica; east antarctica; laser altimetry; pine island glacier; radar interferometry; Science & Technology - Other Topics; sea-ice extent; sheet mass-balance; shelf collapse; subglacial lakes; thwaites glacier; west

Satellite observations have transformed our understanding of the Antarctic cryosphere. The continent holds the vast majority of Earth's fresh water, and blankets swathes of the Southern Hemisphere in ice. Reductions in the thickness and extent of floating ice shelves have disturbed inland ice, triggering retreat, acceleration and draw-down of marine-terminating glaciers. The waxing and waning of Antarctic sea ice is one of Earth's greatest seasonal habitat changes, and although the maximum extent of the sea ice has increased modestly since the 1970s, inter-annual variability is high, and there is evidence of longer-term decline in its extent.

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