Understanding ocean acidification impacts on organismal to ecological scales

TitleUnderstanding ocean acidification impacts on organismal to ecological scales
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsAndersson AJ, Kline DI, Edmunds PJ, Archer SD, Bednaršek N, Carpenter RC, Chadsey M, Goldstein P, Grottoli AG, Hurst TP, King AL, Kübler JE, Kuffner IB, Mackey KRM, Menge BA, Paytan A, Riebesell U, Schnetzer A, Warner ME, Zimmerman RC
Date Published2015/06

Ocean acidification (OA) research seeks to understand how marine ecosystems and global elemental cycles will respond to changes in seawater carbonate chemistry in combination with other environmental perturbations such as warming, eutrophication, and deoxygenation. Here, we discuss the effectiveness and limitations of current research approaches used to address this goal. A diverse combination of approaches is essential to decipher the consequences of OA to marine organisms, communities, and ecosystems. Consequently, the benefits and limitations of each approach must be considered carefully. Major research challenges involve experimentally addressing the effects of OA in the context of large natural variability in seawater carbonate system parameters and other interactive variables, integrating the results from different research approaches, and scaling results across different temporal and spatial scales.

Short TitleOceanography
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