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Ramsay R., Di Marco C.F, Heal M.R, Twigg M.M, Cowan N., Jones M.R, Leeson S.R, Bloss W.J, Kramer L.J, Crilley L. et al..  2018.  Surface-atmosphere exchange of inorganic water-soluble gases and associated ions in bulk aerosol above agricultural grassland pre- and postfertilisation. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 18:16953-16978.
Yanez-Serrano A.M, Nolscher A.C, Bourtsoukidis E., Derstroff B., Zannoni N., Gros V., Lanza M., Brito J., Noe S.M, House E. et al..  2016.  Atmospheric mixing ratios of methyl ethyl ketone (2-butanone) in tropical, boreal, temperate and marine environments. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 16:10965-10984.