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Pernet-Fisher JF, Barry PH, Day JMD, D. Pearson G, Woodland S, Agashev AM, Pokhilenko LN, Pokhilenko NP.  2019.  Heterogeneous kimberlite metasomatism revealed from a combined He-Os isotope study of Siberian megacrystalline dunite xenoliths.
Halldórsson SA, Hilton DR, Barry PH, Füri E, Grönvold K.  2016.  Recycling of crustal material by the Iceland mantle plume: New evidence from nitrogen elemental and isotope systematics of subglacial basalts. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta. 176:206-226.
Karlstrom KE, Crossey LJ, Hilton DR, Barry PH.  2013.  Mantle 3He and CO2 degassing in carbonic and geothermal springs of Colorado and implications for neotectonics of the Rocky Mountains. Geology. 41:495-498.
Kulongoski JT, Hilton DR, Barry PH, Esser BK, Hillegonds D, Belitz K.  2013.  Volatile fluxes through the Big Bend section of the San Andreas Fault, California: Helium and carbon-dioxide systematics. Chemical Geology. 339:92-102.
de Moor MJ, Fischer TP, King PL, Botcharnikov RE, Hervig RL, Hilton DR, Barry PH, Mangasini F, Ramirez C.  2013.  Volatile-rich silicate melts from Oldoinyo Lengai volcano (Tanzania): Implications for carbonatite genesis and eruptive behavior. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 361:379-390.