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Halldórsson SA, Hilton DR, Barry PH, Füri E, Grönvold K.  2016.  Recycling of crustal material by the Iceland mantle plume: New evidence from nitrogen elemental and isotope systematics of subglacial basalts. Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta. 176:206-226.
Halldórsson SA, Barnes JD, Stefánsson A, Hilton DR, Hauri EH, Marshall EW.  2016.  Subducted lithosphere controls halogen enrichments in the Iceland mantle plume source. Geology. 44:679-682.
Hallis LJ, Huss GR, Nagashima K, G. Taylor J, Halldórsson SA, Hilton DR, Mottl MJ, Meech KJ.  2015.  Evidence for primordial water in Earth’s deep mantle. Science. 350:795-797.
Halldórsson SA, Hilton DR, Scarsi P, Abebe T, Hopp J.  2014.  A common mantle plume source beneath the entire East African Rift System revealed by coupled helium-neon systematics. Geophysical Research Letters. 41:2014GL059424.
Halldórsson SA, Hilton DR, Troll VR, Fischer TP.  2013.  Resolving volatile sources along the western Sunda arc, Indonesia. Chemical Geology. 339:263-282.