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Bernal D., Reid J.P, Roessig J.M, Matsumoto S., Sepulveda CA, Cech J.J, Graham JB.  2018.  Temperature effects on the blood oxygen affinity in sharks. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry. 44:949-967.
Wootton T.P, Sepulveda CA, Wegner NC.  2015.  Gill morphometrics of the thresher sharks (genus alopias): Correlation of gill dimensions with aerobic demand and environmental oxygen. Journal of Morphology. 276:589-600.
Wegner NC, Sepulveda CA, Aalbers SA, Graham JB.  2013.  Structural adaptations for ram ventilation: Gill fusions in scombrids and billfishes. Journal of Morphology. 274:108-120.