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Priddel D., Carlile N., Portelli D., Kim Y., O'Neill L., Bretagnolle V., Ballance LT, Phillips R.A, Pitman R.L, Rayner M.J.  2014.  Pelagic distribution of Gould's Petrel (Pterodroma leucoptera): linking shipboard and onshore observations with remote-tracking data. Emu. 114:360-370.
Fiedler PC, Redfern JV, Van Noord J., Hall C., Pitman R.L, Ballance LT.  2013.  Effects of a tropical cyclone on a pelagic ecosystem from the physical environment to top predators. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 484:1-16.
Foote A.D, Morin PA, Pitman R.L, Avila-Arcos M.C, Durban JW, van Helden A., Sinding M.HS, Gilbert M.TP.  2013.  Mitogenomic insights into a recently described and rarely observed killer whale morphotype. Polar Biology. 36:1519-1523.