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Klein E.M, White S.M, Nunnery J.A, Mason-Stack J.L, Wanless V.D, Perfit M.R, Waters C.L, Sims K.WW, Fornari D.J, Zaino A.J et al..  2013.  Seafloor photo-geology and sonar terrain modeling at the 9 degrees N overlapping spreading center, East Pacific Rise. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 14:5146-5170.
Waters C.L, Sims K.WW, Klein E.M, White S.M, Reagan M.K, Girard G..  2013.  Sill to surface: Linking young off-axis volcanism with subsurface melt at the overlapping spreading center at 9 degrees 03 ' N East Pacific Rise. Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 369:59-70.