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Paul F, Bolch T, Kaab A., Nagler T., Nuth C., Scharrer K., Shepherd A., Strozzi T., Ticconi F., Bhambri R. et al..  2015.  The glaciers climate change initiative: Methods for creating glacier area, elevation change and velocity products. Remote Sensing of Environment. 162:408-426.
Nuth C., Kohler J., Konig M., von Deschwanden A., Hagen JO, Kaab A., Moholdt G, Pettersson R..  2013.  Decadal changes from a multi-temporal glacier inventory of Svalbard. Cryosphere. 7:1603-1621.
Zemp M., Thibert E., Huss M., Stumm D., Denby C.R, Nuth C., Nussbaumer S.U, Moholdt G, Mercer A., Mayer C. et al..  2013.  Reanalysing glacier mass balance measurement series. Cryosphere. 7:1227-1245.