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Li J.B, Xie SP, Cook E.R, Chen F.H, Shi J.F, Zhang D.D, Fang K.Y, Gou X.H, Li T., Peng J.F et al..  2019.  Deciphering human contributions to Yellow River flow reductions and downstream drying using centuries-long tree ring records. Geophysical Research Letters. 46:898-905.
Li J.B, Xie SP, Cook E.R.  2014.  El Nino phases embedded in Asian and North American drought reconstructions. Quaternary Science Reviews. 85:20-34.
Li J.B, Xie SP, Cook E.R, Morales M.S, Christie D.A, Johnson N.C, Chen F.H, D'Arrigo R., Fowler A.M, Gou X.H et al..  2013.  El Nino modulations over the past seven centuries. Nature Climate Change. 3:822-826.