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Haddock S.HD, Christianson L.M, Francis W.R, Martini S., Dunn C.W, Pugh P.R, Mills C.E, Osborn K.J, Seibel B.A, Choy C.A et al..  2017.  Insights into the biodiversity, behavior, and bioluminescence of deep-sea organisms using molecular and maritime technology. Oceanography. 30:38-47.
Osborn K.J, Gebruk A.V, Rogacheva A., Holland N.D.  2013.  An externally brooding acorn worm (hemichordata, enteropneusta, torquaratoridae) from the Russian arctic. Biological Bulletin. 225:113-123.
Holland N.D, Osborn K.J, Gebruk A.V, Rogacheva A..  2013.  Rediscovery and augmented description of the HMS 'Challenger' acorn worm (Hemichordata, Enteropneusta), Glandiceps abyssicola, in the equatorial Atlantic abyss. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom. 93:2197-2205.