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Parker E.T, Cleaves J.H, Burton A.S, Glavin D.P, Dworkin J.P, Zhou M.S, Bada JL, Fernandez F.M.  2014.  Conducting Miller-Urey experiments. Jove-Journal of Visualized Experiments.
Onstott T.C, Magnabosco C., Aubrey A.D, Burton A.S, Dworkin J.P, Elsila J.E, Grunsfeld S., Cao B.H, Hein J.E, Glavin D.P et al..  2014.  Does aspartic acid racemization constrain the depth limit of the subsurface biosphere? Geobiology. 12:1-19.
Parker E.T, Zhou M.S, Burton A.S, Glavin D.P, Dworkin J.P, Krishnamurthy R., Fernandez F.M, Bada JL.  2014.  A plausible simultaneous synthesis of amino acids and simple peptides on the primordial earth. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition. 53:8132-8136.