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Muller R.D, Qin X.D, Sandwell DT, Dutkiewicz A., Williams S.E, Flament N., Maus S., Seton M..  2016.  The GPlates Portal: Cloud-based interactive 3D visualization of global geophysical and geological data in a web browser. Plos One. 11
O'Connor J.M, Hoernle K., Muller R.D, Morgan J.P, Butterworth N.P, Hau F., Sandwell DT, Jokat W., Wijbrans J.R, Stoffers P..  2015.  Deformation-related volcanism in the Pacific Ocean linked to the Hawaiian-Emperor bend. Nature Geoscience. 8:393-397.
Seton M., Whittaker J.M, Wessel P., Muller R.D, DeMets C., Merkouriev S., Cande S., Gaina C., Eagles G., Granot R et al..  2014.  Community infrastructure and repository for marine magnetic identifications. Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems. 15:1629-1641.