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Nosal AP, Cartamil DC, Long JW, Luhrmann M, Wegner NC, Graham JB.  2013.  Demography and movement patterns of leopard sharks (Triakis semifasciata) aggregating near the head of a submarine canyon along the open coast of southern California, USA. Environmental Biology of Fishes. 96:865-878.
Patin NV, Kunin V, Lidstrom U, Ashby MN.  2013.  Effects of OTU Clustering and PCR Artifacts on Microbial Diversity Estimates. Microbial Ecology. 65:709-719.
Bonin C.A, Goebel M.E, Forcada J., Burton RS, Hoffman J.I.  2013.  Unexpected genetic differentiation between recently recolonized populations of a long-lived and highly vagile marine mammal. Ecology and Evolution. 3:3701-3712.