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Gernez P., Reynolds R.A, Stramski D.  2014.  Within-day variability of particulate organic carbon and remote-sensing reflectance during a bloom of Phaeocystis antarctica in the Ross Sea, Antarctica. International Journal of Remote Sensing. 35:454-477.
Li L.H, Li L., Song K.S, Li Y.M, Tedesco L.P, Shi K., Li Z.C.  2013.  An inversion model for deriving inherent optical properties of inland waters: Establishment, validation and application. Remote Sensing of Environment. 135:150-166.
Zheng G.M, Stramski D.  2013.  A model based on stacked-constraints approach for partitioning the light absorption coefficient of seawater into phytoplankton and non-phytoplankton components. Journal of Geophysical Research-Oceans. 118:2155-2174.