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Sosa-Avalos R., Durazo R., Mitchell B.G, Cepeda-Morales J., Gaxiola-Castro G..  2017.  Phytoplankton photosynthetic parameters off Baja California: A tool to estimate primary production with remote sensing data. Ciencias Marinas. 43:157-172.
Martinez-Fuentes L.M, Gaxiola-Castro G., Gomez-Ocampo E., Kahru M.  2016.  Effects of interannual events (1997-2012) on the hydrography and phytoplankton biomass of Sebastian Vizcaino Bay. Ciencias Marinas. 42:81-97.
Leising A.W, Schroeder I.D, Bograd SJ, Abell J., Durazo R., Gaxiola-Castro G., Bjorkstedt E.P, Field J., Sakuma K., Robertson R.R et al..  2015.  State of the California Current 2014-15: Impacts of the warm-water "blob". California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports. 56:31-68.
Wells B.K, Schroeder I.D, Santora J.A, Hazen E.L, Bograd SJ, Bjorkstedt E.P, Loeb V.J, McClatchie S., Weber E.D, Watson W et al..  2013.  State of the California current 2012-13: No such thing as an "average" year. California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations Reports. 54:37-71.