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Ahrens JB, Borda E, Barroso R, Paiva PC, Campbell AM, Wolf A, Nugues MM, Rouse GW, Schulze A.  2013.  The curious case of Hermodice carunculata (Annelida: Amphinomidae): evidence for genetic homogeneity throughout the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent basins. Molecular Ecology. 22:2280-2291.
Rouse GW, Jermiin LS, Wilson NG, Eeckhaut I, Lanterbecq D, Oji T, Young CM, Browning T, Cisternas P, Helgen LE et al..  2013.  Fixed, free, and fixed: The fickle phylogeny of extant Crinoidea (Echinodermata) and their Permian-Triassic origin. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 66:161-181.
Tresguerres M, Katz S, Rouse GW.  2013.  How to get into bones: proton pump and carbonic anhydrase in Osedax boneworms. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences. 280
Dorgan KM, Law CJ, Rouse GW.  2013.  Meandering worms: mechanics of undulatory burrowing in muds. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences. 280
Stiller J, Rousset V, Pleijel F, Chevaldonne P, Vrijenhoek RC, Rouse GW.  2013.  Phylogeny, biogeography and systematics of hydrothermal vent and methane seep Amphisamytha (Ampharetidae, Annelida), with descriptions of three new species. Systematics and Biodiversity. 11:35-65.
Katz S, Rouse GW.  2013.  The reproductive system of Osedax (Annelida, Siboglinidae): ovary structure, sperm ultrastructure, and fertilization mode. Invertebrate Biology. 132:368-385.
Aguado MT, Nygren A., Rouse GW.  2013.  Two apparently unrelated groups of symbiotic annelids, Nautiliniellidae and Calamyzidae (Phyllodocida, Annelida), are a clade of derived chrysopetalid polychaetes. Cladistics. 29:610-628.