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Mehrotra S., Duggan BM, Tello-Aburto R., Newar T.D, Gerwick WH, Murray T.F, Maio W.A.  2014.  Detailed Analysis of (-)-Palmyrolide A and Some Synthetic Derivatives as Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Antagonists. Journal of Natural Products. 77:2553-2560.
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Miller B., Friedman A.J, Choi H., Hogan J., McCammon J.A, Hook V., Gerwick WH.  2014.  The marine cyanobacterial metabolite gallinamide a is a potent and selective inhibitor of human cathepsin l. Journal of Natural Products. 77:92-99.
Moree WJ, McConnell O.J, Nguyen D.D, Sanchez LM, Yang Y.L, Zhao X.L, Liu W.T, Boudreau P.D, Srinivasan J., Atencio L. et al..  2014.  Microbiota of healthy corals are active against fungi in a light-dependent manner. Acs Chemical Biology. 9:2300-2308.
Mevers E., Matainaho T., Allara M., Di Marzo V., Gerwick WH.  2014.  Mooreamide A: A cannabinomimetic lipid from the marine cyanobacterium Moorea bouillonii. Lipids. 49:1127-1132.
Gong J., Sun P., Jiang N., Riccio R., Lauro G., Bifulco G., Li T.J, Gerwick WH, Zhang W..  2014.  New steroids with a rearranged skeleton as (h)P300 inhibitors from the sponge Theonella swinhoei. Organic Letters. 16:2224-2227.
Xu D.X, Sun P., Kurtan T., Mandi A., Tang H., Liu B.S, Gerwick WH, Wang Z.W, Zhang W..  2014.  Polyhydroxy cyclohexanols from a Dendrodochium sp fungus associated with the sea cucumber Holothuria nobilis Selenka. Journal of Natural Products. 77:1179-1184.
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Leao PN, Costa M, Ramos V, Pereira A.R, Fernandes V.C, Domingues V.F, Gerwick WH, Vasconcelos VM, Martins R..  2013.  Antitumor activity of hierridin b, a cyanobacterial secondary metabolite found in both filamentous and unicellular marine strains. Plos One. 8
Tan L.T, Okino T., Gerwick WH.  2013.  Bouillonamide: A mixed polyketide-peptide cytotoxin from the marine cyanobacterium Moorea bouillonii. Marine Drugs. 11:3015-3024.
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Leao PN, Ramos V, Goncalves PB, Viana F, Lage OM, Gerwick WH, Vasconcelos VM.  2013.  Chemoecological Screening Reveals High Bioactivity in Diverse Culturable Portuguese Marine Cyanobacteria. Marine Drugs. 11:1316-1335.
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Ongley S.E, Bian X.Y, Zhang Y.M, Chau R., Gerwick WH, Muller R, Neilan B.A.  2013.  High-titer heterologous production in E. coli of lyngbyatoxin, a protein kinase C activator from an uncultured marine cyanobacterium. Acs Chemical Biology. 8:1888-1893.
Gerwick L, Boudreau P., Choi H., Mascuch S., Villa F.A, Balunas M.J, Malloy K.L, Teasdale M.E, Rowley DC, Gerwick WH.  2013.  Interkingdom signaling by structurally related cyanobacterial and algal secondary metabolites. Phytochemistry Reviews. 12:459-465.
Trentacoste E.M, Shrestha RP, Smith S.R, Gle C., Hartmann A.C, Hildebrand M, Gerwick WH.  2013.  Metabolic engineering of lipid catabolism increases microalgal lipid accumulation without compromising growth. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 110:19748-19753.
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Pavlik C.M, Wong C.YB, Ononye S., Lopez D.D, Engene N, McPhail K.L, Gerwick WH, Balunas M.J.  2013.  Santacruzamate A, a potent and selective histone deacetylase inhibitor from the Panamanian marine cyanobacterium cf. Symploca sp. Journal of Natural Products. 76:2026-2033.