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Armstrong E., Patwardhan A.V, Johns L., Kishimoto C.T, Abarbanel H.DI, Fuller G.M.  2017.  An optimization-based approach to calculating neutrino flavor evolution. Physical Review D. 96
Abarbanel H.DI, Shirman S., Breen D., Kadakia N., Rey D., Armstrong E., Margoliash D..  2017.  A unifying view of synchronization for data assimilation in complex nonlinear networks. Chaos. 27
Armstrong E., Abarbanel H.DI.  2016.  Model of the songbird nucleus HVC as a network of central pattern generators. Journal of Neurophysiology. 116:2405-2419.
Kadakia N., Armstrong E., Breen D., Morone U., Daou A., Margoliash D., Abarbanel H.DI.  2016.  Nonlinear statistical data assimilation for HVCRA neurons in the avian song system. Biological Cybernetics. 110:417-434.